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Link Building in an SEO campaign

Scale the SERP by building a consistent structure of internal and external links to your site. In link building, SEO techniques meet the ability to do public relations, exchanges and to understand who might be willing and how.
May 27, 2022

La Link Building is the construction of a precise structure of internal links ed external to your place as a fundamental part of one SEO strategy. The main purpose of this multi-step process, and which touches on different competencies, is climb the SERP.

In other words, it helps to place itself in the first positions in search engine result pages. In our case we refer mainly Google.

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In practice they are used link (connections hypertextual) to connect your own content or to other pages within your website (internal links) or to other sites (external links) with a view to deepening the topics and creating useful collaborations to get redirected from third parties. So one link building strategy it also involves public relations work.

So, in addition to a technical work, we are talking about a practice that requires various human skills. So one link building of success is not based exclusively on objective and objective parameters, but also on the professional who develops it, from his personal vision, therefore from which sites he can identify and how he relates to it.   

Now, to allow you to better understand what we are talking about, let's dig a little deeper

What are links and what is their use in a Link Building strategy

Un link is a hyperlink between two pages of the same website or two websites different. THE link help the algorithm Google to recognize all content.

Note that placement in SERP (search engine result page) also depends on the coherence and authenticity of the relationship between the pages connected to each other through links.

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So don't be fooled by the idea that only technical tricks can replace the sense of choices, because:

  • The algorithms they evolve more and more to make quality and techniques coincide;
  • the intelligence and proactivity of the members must be respected identification, because seeing them as passive consumers is a losing game;
  • the same contacts with whom you weave the network of link building they will not accept to relate to you if there is no consistency or if your site is not authoritative (=reliable).

Internal links

These are links between pages within the website. In a strategy of link building a good network of internal links makes it easier to navigate'user and allows thesearch engine algorithm to understand the priority of pages.

Do you want an example?

" link building it is an integral part of one SEO campaign. "

External links (backlinks)

They are those link that point from other sites to a page of yours website and viceversa. These links can serve to deepen a specific topic citing authoritative sources and contribute, based on their attributes, to indexing or not.

In fact i external links they can be follow e no-follow: in the former thealgorithm di Google in its process of content inspection, will also give value to the destination of the link; otherwise the destination link will not be inspected.

Anchor text

The portion of text in which the link is inserted. Attention should also be paid to this because it must be clear, spontaneous, consistent with its destination and because it can help in the perspective of a study on keyword.

How can an SEO specialist help in a Link Building campaign

So it is SEO specialist to undertake one link building campaign effective must have:

  • skills technical-analytical constantly evolving as the Google algorithms are dynamic;
  • he must know the sites and the realities to which it is sensible and useful to connect and must be able to evaluate their credibility and their authority. This is crucial for the campaign value of link building.
  • Interpersonal skills.

For these reasons one link building campaign optimal cannot be improvised.

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