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The importance of design in corporate branding

Do you want to create a recognizable, memorable and emotionally engaging brand identity? Here design comes into play which, with all its elements such as logo, colors and fonts, conveys the values ​​of a brand, connotes and characterizes it. Read to find out more.
January 11 2024

L'visual immediacy dominant in digital communication places the design as a central element in the construction of corporate branding. Design is therefore not just aesthetics, but it is the language through which they express the values, ideals and personality of a brand.

A studied design is therefore fundamental in corporate branding. In fact, it can profoundly influence the perception of people who interact with a brand. From the logo to the typography, from the color palette to the choice of images, every visual detail contributes to the creation experiences and sensations which, in lucky and successful cases, remain imprinted in the minds and imagination of users.

These are the factors that allow distinction, association and memory.

The synergy between branding and design

To fully understand the importance of design in the context of corporate branding, it is essential to define what we mean by these terms.

Branding is the set of practices and strategies that a company adopts to develop and maintain a distinctive identity on the market, Namely the Brand Identity. This process involves creating a unique name, logo, and other visual elements that together form thebrand image.

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Design, in this context, acts as an expressive vehicle for branding, translating corporate concepts and values ​​into tangible visual elements. These elements include (as we just mentioned) the logo, choice of colors, font and graphic layout. So let's talk about Web Design.

Together, therefore, design and branding work in synergy to build a narrative that resonates with the target audience. Such a narrative says something to people. It does this by touching parts of the imagination such as the social and cultural background, mixing them with contextual symbolic representations and sensory responses typical of the human mind and brain.

Simplicity, coherence, flexibility, distinctiveness and emotions

First of all we must seek simplicity. A simple, clean design is more easily recognizable and memorable. This does not imply banality, but rather an art in capturing the essence of a brand in a clear and direct way. You may think that doing a simple thing is easier and more reductive than complicated processes... but in reality doing something simple and effective is much more difficult. It takes knowledge and expertise.

Then you need to look for consistency. To make a brand distinguishable and recognizable over time, the design elements must work together organically. This means that the singularity of the elements (logo, colours, graphics, characters, arrangement in space...) must be understood as a whole. Such an approach generates solutions which are not based only on the personal taste of every single element but on theimpact that their sum has in a certain order and form.

Another crucial aspect is flexibility. Aspect linked to coherence suggests that an effective branding design must be adaptable to different formats and platforms, maintaining its identity and its organic nature.

Distinctiveness is equally important. Good design should stand out. This concept, however, is more complex than originality alone. In fact, nothing comes from nothing, so distinctiveness and consequent originality can arise from creative reworkings of symbols that already resonate in the collective imagination.

Finally, the design should evoke an emotional response. The power of emotionally resonant design in branding cannot be underestimated. Whether it's through the use of colors that elicit certain moods or images that evoke specific feelings, the design should touch audiences on a personal level, creating a lasting bond between people and the brand.

Design and Brand Awareness

The maximum expression of the principles just described and of the emotional bond between people and brand is Brand Awareness.

Basically, Brand Awareness indicates the degree of brand recognition in relation to what it offers. Taking a practical and very lucky example: how many times have you happened to call "paper towels” any roll of paper towels?

white branding paper towel roll

Naturally there are many nuances given by the different degrees of Brand Awareness…but this extreme example gives you an idea.

You can read the article relating to Brand Awareness to delve deeper into these and other concepts.

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