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May 26, 2022


Among the registered users of a social page on average only one in twenty interacts with posts and puts like. The few who comment frequently make destructive criticisms, often not argued or fully justified. This is because i big brands, although they are present in the life of Italians, they can be perceived as an institution far from reality.

The cause is to be found in one social communication aseptic, full of plastic moralisms or sentimentalisms that don't involve the users, or worse of trivial imitations of the trends of the moment.

The interest and trust of users are invaluable values: they must be sought and maintained over time ccommunicating authentically.

The big brands, without a service that takes care of theirs social communication, risk alienating users irretrievably.


And 'the spasmodic search for controversy, emotional chauvinism where users pitch the successful comments seen on other posts.

If these take up mass opinion, the answers tend to conform. The themes more inclusive on social media are exclusive in real life: this mechanism stimulates comments. Anyone can be savonarola for a few seconds and be satisfied with the notifications.

Videos on couple quarrels are very popular: moments of maximum hegemony, where users are united by controversy.

Il San Remo method is an example of high quantity in a short time and low quality. It may seem relatively advantageous but it is a momentary illusion, actually damaging to the long-term image.


The communication of quality is engulfed by mass production because it is basic to it social media algorithms they reward the amount.

This is because the algorithms objectively calculate the number of like e post interactions regardless of their content.

However, a company cannot afford to sacrifice quality in the name of quantity. One user who leaves a positive review is more valuable than a hundred interactions with sensationalist content.


I social they are born as a place for discussion but are often an outlet. Except (relatively) for interest groups, "keyboard" phrases and ways of thinking take the place of "pastiera" ones.

THEi social it replaces, and if it happens to everyone nobody notices it.

The uniqueness of opinions created by the mass media determines a repetitiveness in speech and the need to accommodate a discussion leads, one piece at a time, to conform to mass opinion.


In 2018, the attention of users was all in all good if compared to today: tik tok he had not yet turned the threshold of attention into a door. So the big warheads to obtain interactions adopted the same little tricks clickbait sites then banned in the years of Facebook.

We are talking about gossip vulgar and tinder news proposed as a curiosity.

Those were the years of fake news in which, however satire stood out as an avant-garde means of communication: ethically more correct than fake news, more satisfying for users and yet clicked with equal frequency. In this regard we have the interview ad Alex Cavalieri, editor of Republish and member of our team.


We have brought you some negative aspects of the social not to devalue them as a means in an absolute way, but to discourage uses that can have a reductive impact on one's identity, one's language and lead to illusory communicative choices.

Indeed many identification they do not appreciate some mechanisms mentioned above.

We recreate sui social the concept of word of mouth through satire because we have identified its value. The results we have found empirically with the support of technical analysis are increased visibility and organic interactions with the consequence that the brand is promulgated independently by identification.

So we do not conceive theuser as a passive consumer but as a real one active actor of social campaigns that we offer you.

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