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How to sell on Amazon: guide for businesses and individuals

Check out the 10 steps to get started today. Take advantage of our advice on how to sell on Amazon and on the FBA storage, logistics and shipping service. Land on the web and take off together with KIlobit!
30 September 2022

If you wondered how to sell on Amazon you have a business and you want to go online without creating your e-commerce from scratch. Or you own a brand or you are a private individual with a good idea. You may already have an online store but it's not visible enough, you can't take care of working on SEO and SEA to gain traffic, and you don't have anyone to delegate the necessary paperwork to.

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In these cases, your solution can really be to rely on one of the major marketplaces worldwide. However, it is not always a totally advantageous choice.

In fact, there are costs and conditions to consider before seizing this opportunity. There are also restricted products that need approval. You will also have to be careful which products to sell so as not to throw yourself without a strategy into a sea of ​​ruthless competition: to avoid this you will have to resort to your intelligence and your uniqueness.

Don't be put off.

Once you have read this simple guide you will be able to understand if e how to sell on Amazon wisely and find out where to know more about FBA service to delegate storage, logistics and shipping.

If that's not enough (or you don't have the time and desire to go on) you can ask us for advice at kilobit.

The 10 steps to take to start selling on Amazon

Here you will find all the necessary steps. First you will have to make some preliminary considerations by taking a look at the product categories already on sale. Then you will have to study the Payment plan best suited to your situation. Then you will have to register on the dedicated interface product catalog and order management, you will have to optimize the whole, commercialize and finally sell and ship. These steps apply both if you have a shop or company, and if you are a private individual.

Now we explain you step by step.

1 – Choose which products to sell on Amazon and check the categories

To understand how to sell on Amazon and to do it effectively, we advise you not to start in fourth place thinking of selling all your products. Some are worth selling on Amazon, others not.

Start from a few, or better yet from just one, preferably with a high profit margin. Check out the competition on the platform – this is where the uniqueness factor comes into play.

In fact, if you have a brand and sell original products, you already know the advantages of addressing a loyal niche. If, on the other hand, you are a reseller of products from other brands, selling on Amazon can be a supplementary solution, in which to invest moderately.

As we anticipated, there are categories of prohibited or restricted products, for which approval is required.

Then you can go to the page of Amazon SellerCentral which we provide you with a preview.

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2 – Create Amazon Seller Account

Now that you've decided what to sell, understood what you can and can't sell, it's time to create your account. By creating the account Amazon seller you will be able to list, market, customize prices and sell your products through a dedicated usable and intuitive interface which we will tell you about later.

3 – Connect your e-commerce to Amazon

If you already have an online store connect it to Amazon. Know that with GoDaddy E-Commerce you can list products via pre-set templates, sync your inventory and manage all orders from the same dashboard.

4 – How much does it cost to sell on Amazon? Choose between two payment plans

Depending on the product category there is a commission to pay, called "referral commission“. This is paid regardless of the plan you choose. In addition to varying according to the category, it also varies according to how much you sell.

Il Professional plan allows you to sell an unlimited number of items by paying, as of today, 39 per month (excluding referral fee). This plan is best suited if you plan on selling a lot.

Plan Individual instead choose it if you know you will sell in small quantities. In this case you have a fixed cost of 99 cents per item sold plus the usual referral fee.

5 – Create an account on Seller Central

Register on Amazon Seller Central. Once logged in, you will have a usable and intuitive platform at your disposal where you can catalog products, manage orders and inventory. Before starting to put everything, familiarize yourself with the portal and take the time to understand how to best use it.

6 – Catalog the products to start selling on Amazon

On the platform you will be guided through the necessary steps to catalog the products. You can choose whether to resell a product that is already listed or add one that doesn't exist yet. Ordering this way makes life easy for you and your customers.

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7 – Name the products and write descriptions

Here we are moving from the organizational phase to the operational one. Now marketing actions that you already know come into play.

It's time to name your products so that they are found easily and before others. Try to use names that arouse interest and that give a clear and immediate idea of ​​the quality of the product and why it should be bought.

Then involve those interested in the title with a brief but exhaustive description.

8 – Market your products

Here you enter the field even more with your ideas and your channels. You can generate organic traffic by writing search engine optimized content (SEO), run a paid advertising campaign (SEA) or you can shoot commercials da publish on social networks and on your site.

These are just a few classic examples.

In reality, to create media interest and to reach people, you can totally use your creativity and the connection with your interpersonal relationships. With the commercial, institutional and social fabric connected to you, to your products and perhaps to the sharing of a mission. You can collaborate with popularizers, influencers, video makers, content creators, establish partnerships... there are many solutions and perhaps only you know the right ones for you, especially if you are not new to marketing.

If, on the other hand, you are not used to these strategies and you just want to worry about producing and selling, you can contact the various kilobit to index (SEO and SEA) or contact us to understand how and if we can do it for you. In fact, we have a vast network of both internal and external professionals who can take care of yours communication or shoot promotional videos.

9 – Sell

At this point you have a rich, detailed and inviting catalogue: if you have marketed well you should make your first sales.

What happens now?

Amazon will automatically deduct the percentages based on the plan you have chosen and depending on which and how many items you have sold. You will receive what is due to you by bank transfer and a notification to your email address which sends you back to the portal Seller Central from which you can follow the status of the orders.

10 – Finally… send!

Your order has arrived. You should now take care of shipping the product. If you decide to handle the shipment yourself, you will need to initiate processing.

If instead you want to delegate the shipment to Amazon you can rely on FBA service, which can also be used for storage and logistics, and for which we offer highly specific and personalized advice.

Once you've done let us know

Let us know if we have been helpful to you and if everything went well. Your feedback is important.

The network of kilobit is always ready to provide experience and knowledge to help you take off on the web.

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