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How to find work online

Are you a novice digital professional or an expert who wants to broaden your possibilities? Read this article to look for work online. You will find advice on approach, mentality and a list of the major platforms. You will discover possibilities that we have experienced ourselves... And some tricks that maybe you didn't know!
November 13, 2023

Find work online it is the challenge and opportunity that every digital professional is called to take up. But the possibilities are as many as the high competition, especially if you decide to look for work online on global platforms. So arm yourself with patience, good will and above all humility. In fact, competence in one's field is no longer everything. And this is nothing new.

Today what matters most is the transversality. In other words, you need to expand your knowledge as much as possible, not just to expand your possibilities. Doing this helps you find niches in which to specialize, areas that perhaps you didn't even have any idea about. It is also used for collaborate with different professionals in a conscious way and to improve their own creativeness: Another key skill.

At parity of skills, whoever has more stands out collaborations, transversality e creativeness.

Transversality and creativity are essential for finding work online (and beyond)

Together they form a very virtuous couple. One of the most important aspects of creativeness it is the ability to find connections between areas that are even very distant from each other. This is how they are created unreleased mixes, from which ideas, skills, professions, projects, businesses are born...

So the more skills you have, the more things you know. The more things you know, the more you have elements to combine.

To develop transversality e creativeness it won't come in handy just for finding work online. Let's talk about very current capabilities.

  • They serve to give the prompt artificial intelligences, to know them and use them well since they will be increasingly used in every field.
  • Or you need them to have new ideas that they can become interesting projects.
  • They are instruments to do your job better.
  • They trigger, improve and expand the collaborations.

Mentality and approach to finding work online

It is essential to have one open and growth mindset. We must not take it for granted that because we have made an effort to develop a skill, it is enough to persist in the same direction to be rewarded as we desire. Even the fly that continuously hits the window glass might think that by virtue of its efforts it will one day manage to get past the glass. But clearly it's not enough.

fly hits the window glass

You have to be willing to learn continuously and put in discussion i preconceptions, both in a negative and positive sense. This leads us to explore paths we would never have traveled. In this exploration we can clearly go in stages and stop wherever we wish. So it's not a given that we need to make everything go well and lapse into chaotic relativism.

Form is also substance

If we want look for work online we have to go in in optics that there are on the other side people that they only have at their disposal photo, video lesson e testi. The number of candidates is high and often unknown, also because an employer himself can see how many profiles he wants and contact spontaneously. So once you decide to create a Profile on any one online platform you have to do it properly. Here too, don't think that your specific expertise is enough. The art of communicating effectively is a separate skill.

We may be excellent in our field, but if we don't know how to interest we will inevitably fade into the background.

See beyond the single online job

Know that il work online, especially at the level world, is not always regulated to be paid adequately according to our parameters. This because syou will often compete with people that come from countries where the coin is worth 10 times less. Is simple.

This does not mean that we should ignore, sell out or condemn people who manage to have opportunities they didn't have before.

A good strategy to get around this problem is to conceive every work online which you will find not only as a single economic income, but as the opportunity to extend his own knowledge network, of collaborations, or even as the test field to explore a new skill.

Be aware that you can also find well-paid jobs. But modulate your expectations, open your mind and don't give in to the surface. Dig and try look not one… but three steps forward!

Online work then might not even be the ultimate goal, but a means to get to know employers and make contacts outside the platform. If you are a graphic designer who is perhaps experimenting with graphic motion, you can try it without burning yourself out at the cost of a lower paying job. This way you won't have to wait to be hired by authoritative companies who rightly want it extensive experience.

So it's a possibility solution (which wasn't there before) to get out of the timeless paradox of those who want to start work. This way we could stop doing it question frustrating that we have all experienced at least once in our lives seeing the ads they ask for extensive experience: How can I gain experience if everyone wants experience to hire me?

You don't go anywhere alone

The search for work online it can become a way to collaborate and find new collaborators. In fact (and more often than you might imagine) the employer is not a company. It can be a freelance like you who has a personal project and he needs someone. If you make contact with us, tomorrow it could be a colleague of yours, perhaps for your own project, or for a totally new project that you have created together.

Also, if you already have yours collaboration network, you might think about joining forces and finding each other jobs. Or you could find a job online that you don't have time to do and to delegate a part to someone else. Tomorrow he will do the same for you.

As you can see, there can be many possibilities. You just have to have it initiative and don't fall into the lone wolf pattern.

lone wolf in the ice can't find a job online

The life of a freelancer is always a hunt and is often uncertain. This is why you need to guarantee yourself a recirculation constant which involves, in some periods, searching even more work of what could be done.

In order for this to be planet we must have collaborations to whom we can rely.

Some platforms for finding work online

Here is a review of major platforms for find out every kind of work online: from the graphics to programming, from copywriting to production and audiovisual post-production.

  • Upwork: platform, for freelancer that offers a wide range di jobs in the fields of programming, design graphics and writing.
  • Fiverr: here you can create service packages (gigs) and offer them to potential customers. It is ideal for smaller, more specific services.
  • Freelancer: another popular site that fellow worker freelancers and clients for projects of various sizes.
  • Toptal: selective platform for digital professionals high level.
  • LinkedIn: not just for networking: LinkedIn also has a section dedicated to job offers.
  • Behance: perfect for designer to showcase their work and find job opportunities.
  • GitHub Jobs: ideal for developers and software engineers looking for new projects.
  • Dribbble: a community of designers where it is also possible to find job offers.

These are some and little by little we will add others and write specific articles. Continue to follow us to stay updated and learn more.

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