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How to advertise on Google

Find out how sponsoring yourself on one of the world's major search engines works with the budget you decide, appearing on the first pages of search results and how to enter your business on Maps.
October 24, 2022

Announcements, listings, pay per click, SEA… let's talk about advertising for your business: in this case on Google.

Today it is quite simple and immediate to place ads to appear on the front page of one of the most popular search engines in the world. It is a functional choice to give a boost to your business or to a specific service, when and how you want.

There are not many things you need to know to make this choice in the most correct way possible.

But to take it in the most effective way, other factors must be evaluated. In fact you won't be the only activity a advertise on Google. Also remember that with technique alone you don't go too far. Advertising certainly has its value and its effects, but it is also true that loudly announcing something approximate and not optimized for search engines can be a waste of time, money or, worse, a proverbial shot in the foot.

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See then How does advertising on Google work?, how the ads, the prices e how to sponsor your business on Maps: all with the personalized tips by Kilobit.

How advertising on Google works

The mechanism is basically this: you place an ad and every time they click on it you pay. So no monthly and annual subscriptions. The expense will only occur when the ad has been actually useful, i.e. when it has been seen and has led to your site, and you can decide the budget.

Have you noticed that often the first results on Google have written under "Announcement"?

Every time you click on it someone will pay… so be careful if you don't really care!

Know that when you place an ad on Google you are doing SEA: search engine advertising, i.e. advertisements on search engines. Let's talk about a practice that together with SEO it is part of the digital marketing strategies aimed at placing yourself on the first result pages. So most often you will hear about SEO e SEA put together because they are complementary.

Now we argue you the reasons before the practical guide on Google Ads.

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Why are SEO and SEA complementary?

La SEO is the optimization of the web page and its contents for search engines.

This practice alone can be sufficient to scale the result pages and is necessary for the insertion of paid ads. Generate organic traffic, therefore free.

Optimizing means treating your content from different points of view in accordance with the search engine algorithms. So a series of precautions to have more chances of placing in the top positions. These actions include study, analysis, writing, programming skills, web design, UX, the contribution of a graphic designer and public relations to create a network of links that point back to you. All to create highly usable content.

Why before advertising something must be optimized?

For the same reason you would never do your store's opening event before it's ready. Non-optimized content is like a shop open to the public (and clearly visible) where you haven't finished doing the work and where you display what you sell for the better: in an unclear and not very usable, in short, approximate way.

Would you give credit to a shop that puts up billboards all over Turin, holds the opening event, but still has the remains of the stucco on the floor and the light bulbs dangling from the electric wire?

We don't believe.

Where to know how to do SEO?

Just type into Google and you can find handbooks, guides and advice. On the same WordPress that is used to write articles like this one that you read you have an avalanche of suggestions at your disposal. If you want to know more about the same style as this item, please stay with us.

If you already know a little about SEO and related terms, you can read this article. If, on the other hand, SEO is a completely unknown term for you and you want a practical guide without frills and Englishisms, we recommend you this other article.

Guide to Google Ads

The Ads service is the Google application that allows you to place a paid ad on the result page. To use this service, simply log in to your Google account and select Ads from the Apps.

advertise on Google by selecting Ads among the apps

Now choose if you want:

  • receive more calls,
  • increase sales or registrations on the website,
  • receive more visits to your physical location.

Now describe your business, define a range e choose the theme of the keywordswhich can be automatic or manual. In the manual setting you will have to type a keyword and select the category.

Then write the announcement inserting titles and descriptions.

Now you just have to set your budget, select the payment method and billing information.

These are all the necessary steps. Once finished you will have your ad on the result pages and every time someone clicks on it you will pay within the selected budget.

Also through the application you will have the opportunity to track clicks. Read this guide from Google to know more.

How much does it cost to advertise on Google?

You can set a monthly limit never to exceed, which can be customized according to how the campaign is going: so you can increase or decrease it at any time. You can also put ads on hold.

So you have no constraints.

The average cost per click is 1-2 euros and it varies depending on how competitive the industry is. The highest costs per click are 50 euros, but these are extremely competitive exceptional cases.

So in a normal case expect, with a budget of say 100 euros, 50 to 100 visits per month.

How to advertise on Google Maps

To advertise on Google you don't just need to resort to SEO or paid ads.

In the cases of many commercial activities in fact it is also useful to be present on Google Maps, since many users search for places of interest from their navigator. Even more frequent case, when you search on the search engine itself several results at the top of the page point right to Maps. So it's good to know something.

Google Maps symbol for advertising on Google

To be present on Maps, simply log in to your Google account, fill in the data about your business and provide the opening and closing times. Within a few days you should receive Maps approval via email. And that's it.

Kilobit's advice

As you have seen, the procedure for advertising on Google is quite simple, immediate and customizable. The service is very good, because you pay only if you have results and with the budget you decide. But, as you will see over time, the results are not always optimal.

It's all about the high competition there is on almost every industry when we talk about web business.

The risk is to carry out campaigns over time (even if with a low budget) without actually making the investment pay off. To avoid this, it is necessary to optimize the contents you want to sponsor in terms of SEO and follow other precautions in choosing the parameters you select on the keywords and categories in Google Ads.

If you want to advertise on Google with the guarantee of an optimal result, consider Kilobit's consultancy. In addition to the service dedicated solely to ads (which includes strategy and continuous monitoring) we offer advantageous packages that include SEO and SEA.

Contact us to get one free quote.


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