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Have a B2C ecommerce in 2023

To maintain an effective and competitive B2C ecommerce in 2023, you need to know the approaches and solutions that are used today to optimize processes and achieve a business model focused on deep knowledge of customers and their preferences.
March 10 2023

THEB2C ecommerce works between companies and private customers. An example are the classic online shops of products. However, there are also ecommerces that provide the platforms by acting as intermediaries between customer and seller or by providing a large pool of users, such as social networks. Others B2C ecommerce they sell advertising, visibility, information.

There are currently about 33.000 B2C ecommerce in Italy and it is estimated that over 28.000 of these belong to businesses. The impetus was obviously given by the increase in web traffic in the last three years. Panorama in which the opportunities of online commerce have been highlighted, such as for example the possibility of optimizing traditional business processes.

Optimization triggers the evolution of both business models and the processes themselves of a B2C ecommerce. Then we work on the relationship with the customer in terms of services, assistance, contacts, marketing communication and user experience, arriving at the methods and methods of payment. Hybrid ecommerce, partnerships are created, and management systems are used in the field of storage and logistics. And so technological solutions are continuously implemented that give way to experiment with new marketing approaches.

This process is part of creation of each ecommerce.

However, today's goal is not only to optimize and evolve processes exclusively and directly with a view to earnings. The effectiveness priorities itself of a B2C ecommerce they are building on the preferences of current generations of buyers and on sustainability.

Let's see how this goal is achieved and how these current priorities are met.

Know your customers to understand how and what to sell

Structurally a B2C ecommerce there is knowledge of the customer. Therefore, the technological solutions currently available can be used both to analyze the user base of other platforms and to follow the customer of one's own B2C ecommerce during all phases of the contact, from pre to post sales.

These data, cross-referenced with surveys in various forms, provide useful data for understanding how and which products to sell.

Marketing in B2C ecommerce

Thus we come to marketing approaches, tools and channels. Currently, multiple channels are used synergistically, leading to integrated investments in ads. The contents that are sponsored are mostly videos, given that it is an immediate, impactful and highly usable form of communication. In the meantime, the advertising language is branching out in directions that are also far from traditional persuasive marketing, favoring entertainment, participation and empathy, while linking the product and whoever sells it to the collective imagination.

Distribution, storage and logistics: today's B2C solutions

Today in the field of storage and logistics we try to work by reducing the environmental impact. Also from a distribution point of view, where traditional shipping methods are integrated with solutions that can both facilitate the customer and save the company.

THEB2C ecommerce observatory of the Politecnico di Milano in one research out of 50 B2C ecommerce reveals that over 68% apply these solutions. 48% of them collect in-store, 8% at other owned points, 32% at third-party collection points and 18% at parcel lockers.

UX and payments in a B2C ecommerce

Knowing customers also means accompanying the visit in ecommerce. Then work on the user experience. Thus, in the meantime, an agile, clear, usable and performing platform is provided (and that it is so on every device).

The customer must be able to pay in the way that is most congenial to him. Therefore, the possibility of paying with as many cards and wallets as possible must be provided. The customer must be able to buy easily and quickly, without being trapped on the site, otherwise he will leave it.

Therefore it is not recommended to request, for example, authentications at the time of payment. Better to make sure that they are provided earlier and in the most automated way possible.

Then the offer must also be convenient, so installment solutions can be proposed, for example.

Numbers up to 2023

Online sales in 2022 increased by 20% compared to the previous year, exceeding 48 billion euros. For 2023 it is estimated that, already evaluating these first few months, over the course of the year it will almost certainly go beyond 45 billion, perhaps even exceeding last year's figures.

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